Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Orchestra

Elizabeth had her Christmas Orchestra performance a couple of weeks ago. She did a very good job. I love seeing her play her viola with her Orchestra.
She doesn't like me taking pictures of her anymore and these are the only ones after I threatened her life that she didn't hide from me!

Field Trip With Abby and Emily

It has been so fun for Abby to have her cousin in her class this year. I went on my ONE field trip with Abby a couple of weeks ago and had Miss Emmy in my group as well. We went to a Performance at BYU and then to the Bean Museum there as well. I had lots of fun with these girls! This is a picture of our group that we had...and then of course fun pictures of us on the bus!
I survived Abby's field trip and now only have ONE field trip with Elizabeth left for the year! I can handle ONE field trip per kid per school year!

Thanksgiving Tippetts Style

Thanksgiving in Vegas and yes me make all the kids eat outside! I guess that is the benefit of living in Vegas. We had so much fun spending time with family...and yes these are all the pictures I took that weekend! I am really getting bad at documenting our lives!

An Education Into Our Heritage

At the beginning of the school year Josh volunteered me to give a presentation for Elizabeth's 5th grade class on the Mohawk Indians. For a man that wanted me to spend less time at the school he sure sends some mixed signals...but anyway about a month ago was the presentation. I recruited my sister Cory to help me. She is a fabulous dancer and is also great at speaking the language. It was a lot of fun and I'm very happy that we did this. We dressed Elizabeth up in Cory's full Mohawk dress and I taught the kids the history part and Cory taught them how to say a few words in Mohawk. Then we took them down to the cafeteria to teach them how to Fancy Dance like an Indian. The kids had the most fun doing this. I took some pictures on my phone because dummy me forgot the camera!
Every kid had a beach towel to help them dance we even brought my dad's head dress to let the kids try on. I made a fancy shawl for Cory to dance with to let the kids see what one looks like.
This is the shawl I made I even hand beaded it. My mom helped me sew it together, so it was a joint project. That week we had a family home evening with all the kids and family to teach them what we taught Elizabeth's class. We learned about the Mohawk Indians and their history. Cory taught them how to say a few words in Mohawk and then it was dancing time!
It was a fun night to teach this next generation about a part of them. I do believe Dad would of LOVED this!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Halloween started early in the morning. Before school we went over to Aunt Cory's house so that she would do the girls make-up and I have to say she did an amazing job! Elizabeth was the Mad Hatter, Abby was Dorthy, Isabelle was Little Red Riding Hood, CAL was the Big Bad Wolf, And Deac was, well I'm not really sure what he was!
At the school parade the girls were so cute walking by me. I love being able to see them at school. Then after school we went over to the office to trick or treat there first, and found this cute little doll!
We ended up going trick or treating with the Ludvigson kids in their neighborhood. We only got through half the houses before the kids decided that they had enough candy and they wanted to go back to Nana's house to watch a movie....WHAT? When I was a kid I went through as many houses as I could to get as much candy as I could...there is seriously something wrong with these kids!  Well I guess they don't really eat their candy anyway so I suppose we didn't waste! It was a very full and fun Halloween!

Crazy Hair Day

Crazy Hair day is one of the best day's for the girls. They LOVE thinking of new ways to put their hair crazy.

Pumpkin Time

I convinced the girls not to carve pumpkins this year, and talked them into doing vinyl faces. They each picked out their own faces and put them on. The back one is Abby's then the next one is Josh and mine.  The white one is Elizabeth and the small one is Olivia's! Best idea I have had all year!!!